What is SQL Server Log Shipping

Log shipping is one of the high availability method in SQL server.It is used to keep the entire database in different servers.

  • We need 3 servers required to configure the Log shipping.
  1. Primary Sever.
  2. Secondary Server.
  3. Monitor server(Optional).
  • Log shipping it works with Backup,Copy and Restore jobs.

Primary Server: 

  • Primary server is called as a production server.
  • In Primary sever SQL Server database is in Online sate.
  • Backup jobs are created in Primary server,

Secondary Server:

  • Secondary server is called as a DR(Disaster Recovery) server.
  • In secondary server SQL Server database is in Standby or Restoring mode,
  • In secondary server T-log backups are applied either Standby or No-recovery.
  • Log shipping it can allow multiple secondary servers.

Monitor Server: 

  • Monitor server also called as Optional server.
  • If a log shipping using monitor server, The alter job is created,
  • It maintain status of Backup,copy and restore operations and raise alerts if any operation fail.


  • To reduce down time of the application.
  • To implement the load balancing, i.e We can allow reading or reporting from secondary server.
  • Multiple secondary servers can be configure.
  • Low maintenance.


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