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Installation of SQL Server 2019

SQL Server 2019 installation on Windows

In this article,I will explain step by step How to install SQL Server 2019 on Windows system.

Prerequisites for SQL Sever 2019

Install SQL Server 20019 Evaluation Edition.

To install SQL Server, you need to download SQL Server software from Microsoft.com website via below link.

Download the SQL Server

Click above link,it will open SQL Server 2019 software location.Now click Download free trail.

Next Enter necessary details and Click Submit.

Click >Download now.

The download process is initiated.Once Download completed.Open file Run as administrate.

Now we are getting 3 option to install SQL Server 2019.Choose Custom option for installation.

Now it’s ask SQL Server media download target location.

Click Install button to move the next step.It download the media and start the installation.

Once SQL Sever media Download completed.We can find the SETUP files on SQL Server media download target location.

Right click SETUP file and choose Run as administrator option from drop down list.The landing page looks similar to the earlier versions. Click Installation and choose stand-alone installation option.

Now it’s open Product Update page. Click >Next.

Now It’s open Install Setup Files page.Once files checking completed.Click >Next.

Now it’s open Installation Type page.Choose Perform a new installation of SQL Server 2019 option.

Click >Next

We are installing Evaluation edition.So we will move with default option.Click >Next.

Review the License Terms,Click ‘I accept license terms and privacy statement’.Click >Next.

Now we need to choose the features what features need to be install a per your requirement.On the right side,Disk space requirements are displayed.At the bottom,The installer can choose the path for the instance root directory. Click >Next.

The Instance Configuration page you have to decide if you want to install Default or Named instance.In my case i am going to install Named instance ‘SQL2019_NEW‘.Click >Next.

The Server Configuration page having 2 tabs. The first tab we can find out the services which has been installed and also if you have any domain account, then you can change the services account ID.

On the Second Tab, you can change the Collation for instance. If you don’t know what collation to set your instance then leave it as default.

The Database Engine Configuration tab having 6 Tabs. On the Server Configuration tab you can choose Instance Authentication mode.If you want to use only Windows authentication login ID’s,then you can choose Windows authentication mode.If you use windows and SQL account login ID’s means,Then you need to choose Mixed Mode.In my case i am selecting Mixed mode,then you need to enter SA password in next step.As per the best practices we need to select Mixed mode. 

Click Current user button to add your id to the list.

On the second Tab,Data Directories screen,specify your preferred directions for the Data root Directory,User database,log  and Backup.

On the TempDB Tab,you can configure the number of files,Size and location of TempDB data and log file.

On the MaxDOP tab,We can set MaxDOP value based on your CPU logical core. 

On the Memory tab you can set Min and Max memory based on your system memory.

On FILSTREAM Tab,You can decide if you want to have the Filestream feature enabled. Click >Next.


In Below page The setup will check Feature Configuration Rules.If any rule fail,you have to work on a solution.If all Rules successfully passed,Click >Next.

The Ready to install scree display all of the features and prerequisites to be installed. At this point,The installer can still go back to make changes of quit the process.Click ‘Install‘ to begin the installation of the SQL Server 2019.

This is longest part of the installation process.Don’t worry.Just be patient while it completes.

Congratulation,SQL Server 2019 installation completed successfully.Click >Close.

Reboot your system if possible.


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