How to Find All Database Backup Time History

In this Article,I am sharing T-SQL Script to find the all Database backup related history information of SQL Server.

DECLARE @dbname sysname
SET @dbname = NULL
SELECT qt.user_name AS [User],
qt.database_name AS [Database],
qt.server_name AS [Server],
qt.backup_start_date AS [Backup Started],
qt.backup_finish_date AS [Backup Finished]
,CAST((CAST(DATEDIFF(s, qt.backup_start_date, qt.backup_finish_date) AS int))/3600 AS varchar) + ‘ hours, ‘
+ CAST((CAST(DATEDIFF(s, qt.backup_start_date, qt.backup_finish_date) AS int))/60 AS varchar)+ ‘ minutes, ‘
+ CAST((CAST(DATEDIFF(s, qt.backup_start_date, qt.backup_finish_date) AS int))%60 AS varchar)+ ‘ seconds’
AS [Total Time]
FROM msdb.dbo.backupset qt
WHERE qt.database_name IN (SELECT name FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases)
ORDER BY qt.database_name

After you run the script, you will get the Below result.

All Database backup time history

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